Superdiffuser Measures (Boster et al., 2011)

-This self-report measure was designed to identify effective opinion leaders who possess a combination of connector ability, persuasive ability, and mavenness in a content area.

-Additional validation evidence presented in Boster, Carpenter, Andrews, & Mongeau, 2012; Boster, Carpenter, and Kotowski, 2015; Carpenter, Boster, Kotowski, and Day, 2015; Carpenter, Kotowski, Boster, Andrews, Serota, and Shaw, 2009; Day & Carpenter, 2016; Smith and Carpenter, 2018

This measure uses 7-point Likert response scale

Participants who score above the 75th percentile on all three measures are identified as superdiffusers

Connector subscale

  1. I am often the link between friends in different groups
  2. I often find myself introducing people to each other
  3. I try to bring people I know together when I think they would find each other interesting
  4. I frequently find that I am the connection between people who would not otherwise know one another
  5. The people I know often know each other because of me

Persuader subscale

  1. I am good at thinking of multiple ways to explain my position on an issue
  2. When in a discussion, I’m able to make others see my side of the issue
  3. I am able to adapt my method of argument in order to persuade someone
  4. I can effortlessly offer multiple perspectives on an issue that all support my position
  5. More often than not, I am able to convince others of my position during an argument

 Maven subscale [insert content area in blanks. Validated content areas include: politics, healthy lifestyles]

  1. When I know something about [____], I feel it is important to share that information with others
  2. I like to be aware of the most up-to-date [____] information so I can help others by sharing when it is relevant
  3. If someone asked me about  [____] that I was unsure of, I would know how to help them find the answer
  4. Being knowledgeable enough about [____] so that I could teach someone else is important to me
  5. People often seek me out for answers when they have questions about [____].